who’s HOOZ?

H.O.O.Z. = Health Over Obesity Zone

We love running, cycling, exercising, and everything FITNESS! We also strongly believe in challenging our COMMUNITY to stay fit, so we started Hooz Running, an incorporated fitness company that focuses on healthy lifestyles with an emphasis on running. We help to plan and organize fun runs, races, triathlons, and other fitness events to promote wellness across the United States southeast region. We CHALLENGE YOU to run FURTHER, FASTER, and BETTER every day! 

We're so happy that you're interested in our events and we're even more excited to know that you're prioritizing your health. Enjoy running with us and don't hesitate to give us feedback. Follow us on Facebook to see what's next!

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- Gabriel and Carmetta Maupin, Owners
Hooz Running





Carmetta, Race Director

Gabe, Media Director